Katy Perry Reveals Giving Up Alcohol For Three Months

She completed a detox to bounce back from emotional distress…

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Katy Perry has opened about some of her low points in the last two years as she tried to bounce back from a divorce from Russell Brand in 2011.

In an interview on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man show, the 29-year-old singer revealed just how difficult it was to overcome her negative thoughts.

When asked about how she did it, she revealed that she decided to go on a teetotal detox, a cleanse that required her to give up alcohol for three months.

'’You know I did a lot of different things, I surrounded myself with my good friends, I did this whole cleanse where I didn’t have any of the alcohol for 3 months – that was devastating – I did vitamins and supplements, and hikes and meditation and prayer.”

Katy Perry looks happy as she did a three-month teetotal cleanse (WENN/Marta Szczesniak)

Despite the nighttime talk show typically being a comedic show, Katy Perry had no qualms about opening up about how she was feeling.

“Yeah it’s fun to laugh at it now, it wasn’t fun to laugh at it then,” she revealed. “You know, I was going through a period where a lot of negative thoughts were entering my mind, obviously they did not succeed, but I had my confidence kind of beaten down.”

Katy Perry does not want to blame others, however. Ultimately, she decided to not point the finger at others, and rather reflect on how she could change the situation.

Katy Perry and her ex-husband Russell Brand in 2011 (WENN)

“Rather than pointing the finger and saying ‘you’re the problem’ or ‘you’re the reason for all my problems’ or ‘you’re awful; my life is awful’, I go ‘okay, how can I fix this?’ So yeah, it was not fun,” she explained to the chatty man.

Although the episode was filmed yesterday, the show is set to air tonight on Channel 4 in the UK.

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