Keira Knightley's Hairy Legs!

Nearly scuppered nude photo shoot...

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Keira Knightley's Hairy Legs!

Keira Knightley was scared to strip-off for Vanity Fair magazine � because she had hairy legs.

The British actress was shocked to find the magazine wanted to shoot her in the nude with Scarlett Johansson for an upcoming front cover � and only agreed to strip off after they promised to digitally airbrush her stubbly pins.

She says, �We got there and they said, 'Do you mind doing it in the nude?'

"And we said, 'What?' I thought, 'I can�t. I haven�t shaved my legs.' And they said, 'Don�t worry we will retouch.'"

The stunning Pirates Of The Caribbean star has also vowed not to abandon her native Britain for Hollywood.

She explains, �I've no plans to live in America - I'm a London girl. I would never leave. I'm 20 and my family and my friends are there, and a lot of work for me comes from here."

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