A&E Boss 'Getting Death Threats' For Suspending Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Following Gay Slurs

Apparently Nancy Dubuc is paying the price for sticking by her employees

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Nancy Dubuc, the CEO of US TV network A&E, is allegedly on the receiving end of vile death threats after suspending Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.

The cast member was given the heave-ho after making homophobic remarks in an interview with GQ magazine; a decision Dubuc reportedly made in a bid to stand by her gay members of staff.

According to TMZ, the boss realised that if Robertson's comments were about other groups (African-Americans and Jews are two given examples) there would have been a huge backlash, and she felt it would have been wrong to fail to act on behalf of the LGBT community.

She also, it seems, didn't feel comfortable asking her gay employees to work tirelessly on Duck Dynasty knowing how one of its biggest stars felt about them.

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson (centre) (WENN)

As for the argument that A&E should have known what they were getting from the off when they took Phil on, an insider said: "He just took it too far with GQ ... especially with the coarse language."

GLAAD are allegedly completely behind Dubuc's actions, and tried to persuade her to get rid of Robertson when the scandal erupted.

Charlie Sheen has also now thrown in his two cents, publicly lambasting Robertson for his views.

"Hey Mallard brained Phil Robertso! you have offended and hurt so many dear friends of mine, who DO NOT have the voice or the outreach that I do (sic)," he wrote. "well news flash shower-dodger, I will speak loudly and clearly for ALL of them. so, just when your desperately sub evolved ass thought the pressure was off, you are now in the crosshairs of a MaSheen style media beat down. (I'll try to keep the big words to a minimum as not to confuse you).

Charlie Sheen isn't sitting on the fence (WENN)

"Your statements were and are abhorrently and mendaciously unforgivable, The idea that you have a job outside of dirt-clod stacking is a miracle. the only 'Dynasty' you are attached to might be the re-runs of that dated show."

And he wasn't even slightly finished.

"The only thing you should ever be in charge of building is a hole in the ground the exact size of your head," he tweeted. "perhaps your beard would fit as well if you plucked out the army of scabies and bull weevils sequestered deep in it's sarcophagus of dander and weasel pelts.

"shame on you. you're the only surviving brain donor I've ever known."