'I Should Get Fake Boobs!': Is Demi Lovato Really Considering Having Plastic Surgery?

The singer talks breast augmentation

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Demi Lovato laughingly referred to her breasts as “mosquito bites” during a recent interview.

The 21-year-old singer was asked to pick a question from Santa Claus caps labelled “naughty or nice” while speaking with Y100 at the Jingle Ball in Miami on Friday.

Demi stuck her hand in the “naughty” hat and pulled out a question which read: “If you were picked to gift one celebrity plastic surgery, who would it be and what type of surgery?”

And the humble songstress deflected the potentially feud-inducing question gracefully with her retort.

“I was just talking about this this morning actually, but I’m not going to say. It should be me and I should get a boob job!” she joked in the video clip. “They’re like mosquito bites.”

Demi Lovato shows off her daring blue hair in Miami at the weekend's Jingle Ball (WENN)

Later on during the discussion, Demi confessed she has read a lot of tabloid literature about herself recently.

One made-up story in particular appealed to her and the star said she wished it was reality.

“Most of [the tabloid articles] really annoy me,” she revealed.

“[But] There was one recently that said I was talking smack about some other artist on a flight to Cancun and that my last name was Lavender and I think that was an auto correct thing but for a second there I was that was true because that would mean I’d be going on vacation right now.”

Demi will start performing concerts on her Neon Lights Tour in February 2014, but she wants to relax before then.

The songstress recently stepped down from her role as mentor on The X Factor US and she is looking forward to some downtime.

“It is so important to me [to take time off],” Demi told Hollywood Life recently.

“I don’t get a lot of sleep and I think I really want to be fit and in shape and get really healthy.”

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Demi Lovato at a gala (WENN)