WATCH: Nina Dobrev Shows Off Her Moves In A Onesie As She Joins Derek Hough For Christmas Dance Wars

Nina has spent the festive season with her best pals Derek and little sister Julianne

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Nina Dobrev has been spending the holidays with her best pals Julianne and Derek Hough and their family and as an honorary Hough, the Vampire Diaries star has been roped in to take part in some Christmas traditions.

The Hough siblings love nothing more than a Christmas dance war, with Julianne, Derek and their relatives taking on US TV presenter Maria Menounos and her family in competition every year.

This year Julianne and Derek had a secret weapon in the form of Nina who was more than willing to show off her moves in order to help her pals win the 2013 title of Christmas Dance Wars champs.

The competition basically involves the Houghs and Menounos posting a series of choreographed videos over the festive season. Julianne and Derek both shared Instagram vids of their efforts with Nina taking pride of place in one particularly ingenious 'Naughty and Nice' themed routine.

The gorgeous brunette is shown busting some moves in her onesie, joined by the Hough family as they use some clever camera trickery to get one over on the competition.

Meanwhile another video posted by Derek sees the Dancing with the Stars champ reading a Hunger Games books to his young relatives before everyone breaks out into a dance routine.

We reckon Derek, Julianne and honouary Hough Nina have got this year's dance wars championship in the bag!

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