Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Move Back To NYC To 'Give Their Relationship A Proper Shot'

The lovebirds just don't get to see enough of each other in LA

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Rumours have been rife that one of our favourite Hollywood couples Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been on the rocks as the couple just can't hold down any quality time together, but thank the Lord it seems the love birds are putting their relationship first, by moving away from LA so they can spend more quality time together.

This year Justin has managed to bag some major roles over in New York City meaning he'll be spending most of the year over in the Big Apple, and thankfully his 'Along Came Polly' mega star fiancee has agreed to go with him.

 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux plan moce to NYC (Apega/WENN)

The A-list couple confirmed their engagement back in 2012, but despite appearing as one of the tightest couples in showbiz, their relationship has been plagued with rumours of a split.

But brushing off any signs of a break up a source has now revealed the couple have accepted a long distant relationship will never work, prompting Jen to stay by her man as he films 'The Leftovers' in NYC.

"Justin can't leave New York for the foreseeable future because he is filming 'The Leftovers', so Jen has agreed to move back there predominantly so they can make it work and be together,” the source told Grazia UK.

“Jen and Justin decided this was the only answer if they want to stay together because having a long-distance relationship just wasn't working out for them.''

''The real gesture is being made by Jen, because she's got two movies in production at the moment, so taking time out to be with Justin is a seriously big deal... It will be hard, as Justin will be working long hours filming and she will be away from many of her closest friends in Los Angeles but she thinks it is worth a go and will make trips back to LA, of course.''

Fingers crossed these two can make it work!

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