Beyonce Crashes Fan's Karaoke Party, Photobombs Sleeping Girl

Queen Bey makes three girls wildest, unexpected dreams come true.

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Imagine singing-a-long to your favorite Beyonce song when ho and behold, Queen Bey herself waltzes in and starts singing with you.

Unbelievable? Not for two lucky fans at the Miami karaoke bar Sing Sing who experienced the dream scenario on Jan. 8, according to Us Weekly.

Superstar Beyonce belted out her own hits with the two surprised fans. (Alberto Reyes/WENN)

Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z visited the bar at 12:15 a.m. on Wednesday along with Destiny’s Child alums Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams plus rapper/producer Timbaland.

Before starting their own sing-off party, Beyonce heard a familiar tune coming from a nearby room.

“I was showing Beyonce how to work the remotes and she asked me where the music that was playing [in a separate room] was coming from," Sing Sing owner Kellie Pilicer told Us. "And I said 'Oh don’t worry, it wont bother you.' And she said 'No, I want to see who is singing my song.'"

Down the hall, three girls were enjoying their own karaoke party, belting out Beyonce’s 2011 hit Party. Not even recognizing who was in their presence, the girls innocently invited Beyonce and Kelly Rowland into their room to join.

"Beyonce and Michelle started singing and dancing with them," Sing Sing’s Kellie said. "They were also videotaping the whole thing. These girls had no idea it was them for the first couple of minutes. It was cute."

While two of the girls got the thrill of a lifetime, their other friend had passed out on the couch and she paid for her sins.

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland photobombed that girl before returning to their own party.

The lesson: Never, ever fall asleep.

A karaoke bar isn't the only place where Beyonce is surprising fans. See her purchasing her new album at a local retail store.

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