Justin Bieber 'Accused Of Vicious Egg Attack On Neighbour' Following Selena Gomez 'Camping Trip'

The police were allegedly called last night when Biebs 'threw eggs' at his neighbour

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Justin Bieber has been surrounded by bad boy behaviour for months and the singer has now allegedly got into more bother with his neighbours, after he allegedly

TMZ claim that The L.A County Sheriff was called to Justin's home in Calabasas, California after he allegedly started throwing eggs at around 7.30pm last night.

The site say that the singer's neighbour reportedly stepped out on his second floor balcony and saw the Baby superstar throwing eggs, before he then allegedly went to aim the dairy product AT his neighbour.

The pair then allegedly got into a "verbal dispute", with the neighbour going inside to call the police. The police have since confirmed to the gossip site that they did answer the call and took an incident report, TMZ goes on to report.

However, it is not known if they spoke with Justin.

Justin has allegedly been accused of throwing eggs at his neighbour (WENN)

This isn't the first time that Bieber, who was recently spotted with on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez on a camping trip, has had problems with his neighbour, with him being accused of spitting back in March, as well as angering people by allegedly speeding through the neighbourhood last year.

“We got a call at 9:08 am. We don’t know where it came from, but we responded,” Steve Whitmore, L.A. County Sheriff’s spokesperson told HollywoodLife. “Allegations have been made against Mr. Bieber, accusing him of battery. That’s all we know — we are investigating. We are not at the residence. We will make a report, and then we will take the appropriate action once the investigation is concluded.”

EntertainmentWise have contacted a rep for further comments.

The "egg throwing" comes following Justin's alleged camping trip with Selena Gomez (WENN)

The story comes after Kelly Osbourne recently opened up about Biebs, following their graffiti session earlier this week.

She said that he is not what people think he's like, from what they read in the media, telling E! News: "He's really lovely and he's really nice, completely different than the media perception.

"And then I really sat back and thought, 'He ain't half as bad as I was at his age, so he's all right [laughs]."

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