James Marsden And Rupert Friend To Replace The Late Paul Walker In Upcoming Films

The Fast & Furious actor had several films in the pipeline before his tragic death

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Following the death of Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker, studio executives announce that X-Men actor James Marsden and Homeland actor Rupert Friend will replace him in upcoming films.

After Paul Walker's tragic and sudden death in November last year, the whole film industry was left in shock. Not least the producers who had hoped to work with the 40-year-old in the future.

Paul had been attached to several upcoming films; most notable being the romantic drama The Best of Me and action film Agent 47.

Paul Walker at the Fast & Furious 6 premiere in London last June (WENN)

Despite the terrible loss of Walker, sadly the show must go on and the movies have now announced the actor's replacements.

X-Men star James Marsden will be taking on the role in the Nicholas Spark novel adaptation, The Best of Me it has been revealed.

The romantic film follows former high school loves who drifted apart. Now middle aged, the former boyfriend and girlfriend meet up and romance ensues, however will their reasons for splitting originally drive them apart once more?

Rupert Friend and James Marsden have been announced as Paul Walker's replacements (WENN)

Agent 47 is the sequel of the action packed film, Hitman. A 2007 flick based upon a series of video games and starred actor Timothy Olyphant.

Hollywood Reporter have indicated that Paul's Fast & Furious character Brian O'Connor will not be killed off despite his unexpected death.

A source told Hollywood Reporter: "The plan is to ‘retire’ the character in a way that the studio hopes will satisfy fans of the franchise and make use of the existing footage of Walker, who died about halfway through the Fast 7 shoot."

However, given the tweaks to the script and additional editing changes, the release date of the seventh installment has been pushed back to April 2015.

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