'I Get Called An Ugly Lesbian More Than You Would Think': Miley Cyrus Hits Back At The Haters On Twitter!

The singer joked off the spiteful comments

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Miley Cyrus has hit back at her haters on Twitter and insisted that she gets called an "ugly lesbian" more than you would think and, while she's not too bothered about the latter label, she can't stand people calling other people ugly.

The 21-year-old has taken to Twitter to address comments that she is an "ugly lesbian" but, in true Miley fashion, the Adore You singer decided to give a light-hearted response and joked off the accusations.

The former Disney star tweeted: "I get called an ugly lesbian a lot more than one would think. Or maybe not. Can you atleast call me an interesting lesbian. I hate the U word." (sic).

The singer then tweeted: "Why are people so seriousoooo?"

Just last week, the pop sensation uploaded a photo to her Twitter page of her wearing a pro-gay Marc Jacbos t-shirt with the words, "I Pay My Taxes, I Want My Rights" emblazoned on the front, along with a picture of a lesbian couple with a young child.

Miley uploaded the photo of her wearing the outspoken tee to her Twitter page (Twitter/MileyRayCyrus)

Miley added fuel to her sexuality rumours when she was spotted getting pretty close to one of Britney Spears' female backing dancers at her Las Vegas residency show last month, so much so that the pair even looked to be locking tongues.

The Wrecking Ball singer also uploaded a photo of herself touching tongues with Victoria's Secret model Cara Delevingne but, as a long-term vocal supporter of the LGBT community, it doesn't seem like being dubbed a "lesbian" is something Miley's particularly bothered about.

In an interview with US Glamour magazine in July last year, Miley addressed the lesbian accusations and admitted that they didn't faze her at all.

"Everyone said I was a lesbian but I’m like, 'Being a lesbian isn’t a bad thing. So if you think I look like I’m a lesbian, I’m not offended. You can call me much worse'.

"I've been called much worse. Being a lesbian is a compliment more than what else they call me."

She doesn’t want to be serious with anyone, she isn’t looking to date and is not looking for any type of man,” the insider also told the gossip site. “She wants her tour to be a success and her career to get even bigger. She is having fun by having fun and doesn’t want a man to ruin it.”
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