Scarlett Johansson Calls Her Phone Assistant 'Back Stabbing' After Siri Disses Her New Movie

The app isn't impressed with Scarlett's new film

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The beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson has admitted that can sometimes be a techno-phobe just like the rest of us, after revealing to E! News that she struggles with the iPhone assistant app Siri.

The in-built assistant has hit back at the blonde actress, after Apple users discovered that the sarcastic app was throwing serious shade at Scarlett following her portrayal of a rival Operating System in the new movie, Her.

When asked for her opinion on the film, Siri snipes said: "Her portrayal of artificial intelligence is beyond artificial."

E! News caught up with the actress at the Soda Stream event on Friday (WENN)

Scar-Jo is not one to take that kind of smack talking lying down, as she jokingly told E! News: "I'm a little confused because the other day, I asked her how I looked, and she said, 'You are the fairest of them all,' and I feel like she's backstabbing,"

"I'm just a little bit confused about that."

However, the 29-year-old has plenty of time to make up with her phone as she spends quite a bit of time commuting between her home in New York and her pad in Paris with her fiance Romain Dauriac.

Scarlett with her French fiance Romaine at the 70th Venice Film Festival in September (WENN)

Speaking of her new living arrangements, Scarlett told E! News: "I love being in either city. I love to be in Paris. I love to be in Europe. It's the perfect flight back and forth between New York and Paris. The cities, I think, are really sister cities. I love to be in New York for the energy here and I love to be in Paris because it's more relaxing, I think."

So will the Her actress be downloading any language apps? Potentially after she admitted that her French requires a few more lessons.

"My French is not so good, actually. Not that great. Parisians are very helpful actually. They're very charmed when you try. It's my American friends in Paris that are making me feel bad about the fact that I don't know French. Everybody else finds me endlessly charming."

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