Drake Bell Slams Justin Bieber As 'Talentless' And 'An Idiot' Who 'Can't Draw'

The actor let his feelings about Justin's art be known

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Justin Bieber has been slammed by actor Drake Bell for being "talentless" and an "idiot" in a Twitter post.

Venting his opinions about Justin's graffiti art with a picture of the 'Baby' hitmaker spray painting a penguin on a wall, Drake & Josh star Bell wrote:

However it appears that Drake's comments were a bit below the belt for some of his followers when one fan wrote: "I'm not even a belieber but that is very disrespectful I just lost all my respect for you why would you even say that."

Justin Bieber doesn't seem to be liked by Drake Bell (WENN)

Warning Drake not to criticise Justin, one fan of JB's wrote in reference to the picture: "Drake, if you mess with our idol, you mess with the Beliebers ;) I love you Justin."

Whilst Drake's comments may have caused uproar with some of Justin's fans, Justin himself has yet to respond to the actor's comments about him.

Drake's comments about Justin come after Joel McHale slammed JB during an appearance on Conan O'Brien with regards to the accusations that Justin allegedly caused $20,000 after launching an egg attack on his neighbour's house.

Asked about why he thought Justin decided to reportedly throw eggs at his neighbour's home, Joel responded: "Because he's a f**king idiot.”

He continued: “I feel like he’s got all those guys around him; he’s just running out of things to do. He’s so rich and so successful that they’re like, ‘Well, what do you want to do?’ and he’s like, ‘Let’s shave a dog, what do you want to do?'

“I feel like he’s gotta do some toilet papering of a tree of some sort; leave the dog poop on fire. It’s weird how he’s going back to pranks from 1950.”

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