Miley Cyrus Gets Her Nipples Out To Celebrate MTV Unplugged Gig

The Wrecking Ball star certainly knows how to get people's attention

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She was the star who ruled 2013 with her twerking antics and it appears Miley Cyrus will continue to push the boundaries this year if the latest promo pics for her MTV Unplugged session is anything to go by as the Wrecking Ball babe can be seen posing topless with some over-sized fake teeth.

The 21 year-old will make her appearance on MTV's Unplugged series with her very own special show on January 2013 including acoustic performances from her number one album Bangerz.

With special performances and guests promised for the show it's sure to be another Miley filled spectacle especially if the bizarre promo pic is anything to go by. In her usual topless state, Miley previously claimed she was a "semi-nudist" to Rolling Stone magazine, the star can be seen donning a peroxide bobbed wig and clutching her chest in a pair of black gloves.

Miley Cyrus gets gummy in new promo pic (MileyCyrus/Instagram)

Covering her nipples with black and white star pasties she accessorised the look with a huge black cowboy hat. While she might be flashing the flesh in the promo it's the over-sized, dirty fake teeth that really catch your attention.

Clearly pretty excited about her next MTV performance Miley tweeted following the announcement: "@MTV PRESENTS MILEY CYRUS: MTV UNPLUGGED YALL check it out January 29th!"

Her fans must've been too as she then remarked that the show was already trending: "Miley Unplugged is already trending."

The Unplugged show may well give fans a taster of what Miley has planned for her Bangerz world tour, which is set to kick off on February 14.

Speaking to MTV about the tour she revealed: "Our whole tour is literally based on animals."

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke perform at the MTV VMAs 2013 (WENN)

Teasing that fans could get a little bit more than they expect when they go along to one of her shows: "I'm a little bit of a hoarder, so I hope my fans become hoarders.

"I want to give them real things to collect. I'll have things falling out of the sky that most people would sell at the merch table."

She added: "This is my mum's worst nightmare, because I always hoard things from when I go to concerts ... all the kids always want to keep the confetti, but I want to give them real things to collect."

After the teddybear filled VMAs performance and sparking up at the EMAs, we can't wait for Miley's next MTV outing.

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