Pete Wentz Reveals Regret Over Getting His Penis Pierced

Oh dear

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One of the most famous musicians of a generation has admitted that that he got his penis pierced several years ago - looking back on the incident now as a "dumb" decision.

The guilty party here is Pete Wentz, the most recognisable face of pop-punk outfit Fall Out Boy.

Pete Wentz (WENN)

Speaking on Watch What Happens Live, he was asked by callers about his rocker image, including a question about getting anything pierced "below the waist".

"I've had basically everything pierced in my entire life," he confessed.

When host Andy Cohen asked "So you had your d**k pierced?", the star admitted: "I did."

"I was young and dumb and full of wisdom," he explained. "It's not pierced anymore."

In the new issue of the US FHM magazine, Wentz said that up this early twenties, he had an 'anything goes' approach to piercings, with his nose, septum, ears, lips, tongue and nipples all falling victim.

"Under the waist, there may or may not have been some experimentation," he said. "This was all done before I was 22. I've since had them all taken out."

Good to know...