Victoria Beckham 'Sweats It Out In Bums and Tums Class In North London Gym With Husband David'

The couple that works out together...

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It looks as though Victoria Beckham is following in the lead of her hunky husband as the fashion designer has reportedly signed up for workout classes at the same gym David Beckham is said to have joined with his pal Guy Ritchie.

The 39-year-old is already known for her super slim figure but a source claims that she is on a mission to get into an better shape and has started a membership with a North London gym to sculpt her bum and abs despite reportedly having a gym at her family home.

Victoria Beckham is said to have embarked on a fitness regime (Lia Toby/WENN)

According to The Mirror, Victoria headed to the gym on at 6am on Monday morning to sweat it out with a full body workout before getting involved with a bums and tums class and an eyewitness claims husband David, 38, was there for moral support.

“Victoria worked really hard. It’s incredibly gruelling – one long class consisting of various body weight exercises like press-ups, squat thrusts and burpees, plus treadmill sprints and hellish abs moves,” a source told the publication.

“David was chatting to her intermittently but other than this, the couple just kept their heads down and gritted it out.”

Last week, the publication claimed David had signed up to the gym which doesn't appear to be exclusive and was joined by his film director buddy Guy Ritchie in a big to get their physiques even fitter.

David is said to have signed up to the North London gym last week (Splash News)

“Anyone can go to the gym they've been attending, so it was a real shock to see two huge names in there - especially in sessions for toning bums and legs,” the source said.

“But they've also been working on their chests and abs, so it's clear they want to keep their full bodies in shape. David's obviously really fit, but it seemed like they'd teamed up in a bid to kick start the new year in a healthy way, as they went again the next day.

''And the pair have had quite gruelling workouts.”

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