The Wolf Of Wall Street In Numbers: Jonah Hill's $60,000 Paycheck, Five Oscar Nominations And Three Goldfish

The Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese epic is doing big business

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The Wolf of Wall Street has been raking in the money worldwide not to mention totting up a ton of award nominations. With the news of a further Oscar nod for star Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese today, thanks to their producer credits on the Best Picture ticket, here's the 2014 hit in numbers.

$55 million and growing at the box office

The movie, based on the real life debauched tales of NYC stock broker Jordan Belfort, took £4.6 million at the UK box office in it's opening weekend last week. That's the third-biggest debut for an 18-certificate film ever, just behind just Hannibal (£6.40m) and Bruno (£5.00m). In the US, the movie is still pulling in the cash following a five-day debut session of $34.3m (£20.8m). Leo's movie is currently at $91m (£55m) in the states, after just four weeks of play.

Jonah Hill took home a measly paycheck for the Wolf of Wall Street (Paramount)

$60,000 paycheck

While Leonardo regularly commands $20 million paychecks, his co-star Jonah Hill shocked fans this week by confirming he took home just $60,000 for his leading role. The 30-year-old revealed to Howard Stern that he would've done anything to work with his hero Scorsese, following his insistence that he audition for the director, the Oscar nominee's first audition in six years.

506 F**ks

The movie holds the record for the most use of the f-word in any film, clocking up a whopping 506 f**ks in it's three hour running time.

The film and it's star Leonardo DiCaprio are already raking in the awards (WENN)

70 goes at the ham scene

One of the most memorable scenes from the film sees Leo's character Belfort stopping Jonah's Donnie from choking on a piece of ham after both get high on their drug of choice, Quaaludes. Leonardo revealed on The Ellen Show that during the sequence it took them 70 takes just to get the ham to stick to his face, with the crew eventually resorting to flicking the ham off of a spoon and using K Y jelly in order to make it stick.

Joanna Lumley and Leo share a kiss in the movie (Splash News)

27 takes for Leo and Joanna

Joanna Lumley appears in the movie as the aunt of Leo's wife, with the US hunk and Ab Fab legend sharing a steamy kiss. Despite smooching everyone from Kate Winslet to Carey Mulligan on camera, Leonardo was reportedly so nervous that the scene required 27 takes to get it right.

Five Oscar nominations

The movie is up for five Academy Awards including a Best Actor nom for Leo and a Best Director nod for Scorsese. It was announced this week that both stars have added to their individual tallies with a production credit each for the Best Picture nomination.

Margot Robbie stars as Leo's gorgeous wife (Paramount)

Three tequila shots for Margot Robbie

Gorgeous Aussie actress Margot Robbie plays Leo's wife in the movie, nicknamed The Duchess. Despite rocking an amazing body, Margot has revealed that she had three shots of tequila in succession before filming the semi-nude scene between her and Leo.

Three goldfish wranglers

The movie is chock-a-block with scenes depicting the antics at Belfort's brokers, with one sequence seeing Jonah Hill's character swallowing a goldfish. Apparently the determined actor wanted to eat a real fish to make it look as genuine as possible. The crew said no, so instead three goldfish wranglers were bought in, Jonah kept the fish in his mouth for three seconds at a time before they were rushed back to the safety of their tanks.

One very brief but memorable cameo

While Leo is the star of the show, early on in the movie a young Belfort is mentored by Matthew McConaughey in a brief but memorable appearance. The restaurant scene where Matt's character treats Belfort to lunch, sees the actor launching into a chant that is adopted by Leo throughout the movie. In fact the chest beating and humming is actually a warm up ritual that Matthew performs before a scene. Leo caught Matt performing it and it made it into the movie.

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