Katherine Jenkins Sets Her Signts On Glee After Doctor Who Cameo

The opera star would like to appear in the hit FOX Network show

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It looks as though Katherine Jenkins has set her sights on a career in TV after she admitted that she would love to make a cameo appearance in the hit FOX network show, Glee.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, the star recalled the time she made a cameo appearance in Doctor Who before admitting that would like to try something that mixes TV and music together. She said:

"Doctor Who took me out of my comfort zone massively, but I did really enjoy it. I still think it needs to be something that combines acting and music. That's what was lovely about that role, she was a singing character."

Katherine would like a role in Glee (WENN)

She added: "If it was a musical film... Maybe something like Glee! I feel at the moment I have so many singing things and I don't get them all. It would have to be something I really cared about to take me away from that because singing would always come first.''

Well if Gwyneth Paltrow and Lindsay Lohan can do it, why can't Katherine?

Meanwhile, the star also insisted that she doesn't feel threatened to show a sexier image: "What I do is so different. It's a niche thing. I appreciate pop music, I've never felt any pressure to do that.

''I certainly have always appreciated the glamour side of music. Classical music can sometimes be glamorous. I've always been a girly girl, so the record company has never had to make that up, that was always [part of my image].''

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