Miley Cyrus Gets Her Booty Out To Model New Bangerz Pants!

Is it wrong that we kind of want a pair?

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Controversial pop star Miley Cyrus has made it pretty clear that if anybody's going to be modelling the little white knickers she's launched as part of her Bangerz tour merchandise, it's going to be her, OK?

The Adore You singer posted a picture of herself wearing the provocative white pants to her Instagram account, alongside the caption: "#bangerzmerch"

The teeny, tiny white panties feature a pair of red lips on the back, that give a toothy grin to reveal a gold gnasher, and a pink tongue sticking out of it with the word "Bangerz" written across the length of it. Interesting.

Miley flaunts her booty in the her Bangerz merchandise pants! (Instagram/MileyCyrus)

When it came to modelling merchandise that was a little less revealing, the 21-year-old singer gave the honour to her assistant and BFF Cheyne Thomas, who was seen wearing a grey-tee with the words "Marry Me Miley" written across the front, accompanied by illustrations of a marijuana plant, a hand sticking its finger up and a yellow smiley face that had Miley's initials - "MC" - as eyes. Well, we can't knock her originality.

Miley's assistant Cheyne Thomas modelling some of the star's merchandise (Instagram/MileyCyrus)

The former Disney star is soon about to set off on the start of her Bangerz tour which will see her perform dates around the world for the next three months and like most women, it seems the We Can't Stop star has had a hard time packing lightly, admitting on her Twitter page that she has 15 bags of luggage.

The singer posted a screen shot of an IM conversation with one of her pals that sees her reveal that she might have packed a little too much.

"Yaaaaa I might have done it ..... Is it bad I'm bringing a lot of bags," Miley writes, before her friend replies: "You're gone for 3 months! If I were you, I'd prob have 3/4 bags."

But almost times that number of bags by five and you've got Miley's baggage amount, "Omg I brought like 15," the singer reveals. Whoops!

But that isn't the only bombshell the pop star has dropped recently, after telling MTV News what fans can expect on her upcoming world tour, brace yourselves, because the wacky starlet has revealed that the show promises "imaginative animals", a wardrobe by Marc Jacobs and Jeremy Scott and backup dancers dressed as cornstalks!

"I hope people open their minds and they look at my tour as something that I do feel is educational for kids because I think a lot of people aren't exposed to art enough and that's something that I had to learn about," the singer explained.


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