Was David Beckham's Package Enhanced For H&M Underwear Ad?

Reps respond to rumours

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David Beckham's nether-regions have been subject to some unexpected speculation this week, after a tabloid magazine suggested that his impressive package was enhanced for an underwear advert.

The footballer, as famous for his work with his kit on as he is with it off, was seen running around in his smalls in a clip for H&M at the Super Bowl, with Star reporting that his bulge was a little modified.

Becks in his commercial (WENN)

"David is definitely ‘enhanced’ for his new Super Bowl ads," a gossipy stylist told them.

“In order to make the bulge look so pronounced in the photos, David’s underwear has to be carefully stuffed and padded to create the illusion.”

However, the star's rep has swiftly moved to deny the claim.

Becks' natural package (WENN)

Speaking to Gossip Cop, a spokesperson confirmed: "It's all natural".

Becks has already had to deny using a body double, saying: "I can say the crotch is mine and the backside is mine as well.

"Someone said that I had a stand-in for my bum, but no, I can confirm that’s my bum."

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