'We Both Performed Extremely Well!' Sean Lowe On His Wedding Night 'Fireworks' With Catherine Giudici

The couple have just returned from honeymoon

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Sean Lowe has opened up on his wedding night with new wife Catherine Giudici, revealing that there was most defintely "fireworks".

Having got married on January 26 in front of friends, family and thousands watching at home, Mr and Mrs Lowe arrived back from their honeymoon this week and it sounds like they had an amazing trip.

The Bachelor stars have revealed just how magical their first few weeks as man and wife have been, and most importantly how special their wedding night was having vowed to abstain from sex until they were married.

 Newlyweds Catherine and Sean (WENN)

“I think we both performed extremely well. There was a parade that went through the room, and fireworks,” Sean joked to Us Weekly after arriving back from Bora Bora.

“It’s been a great testament for both of us", the TV star added. "I talk about our faith and share our faith with others who are interested. We don’t regret anything.”

Catherine, 27, admitted that from meeting on The Bachelor to having a televised wedding feels like it’s all “something out of the movies.”

“We are in heaven right now. It’s surreal to look at each other and say, ‘You are my husband’ and ‘You are my wife.’ We were inseparable before, but this is a different level. We’re relaxing and doing all these fun activities,” she said.

The besotted star added that she loves seeing her husband with a wedding ring on: “He is known for being shirtless, but the most attractive thing is him sporting that wedding band,” she gushed. “We can’t wear them in the ocean and he said he feels naked without it already. That is so hot to me because it shows his commitment and symbolizes our love for each other.”

It's not all fun and games though as Catherine shared a photo from the couples' bed earlier this week, which sees her hubby resting his arm on Catherine's head while he sleeps, with the uncomfortable newlywed telling her followers: "This is how I wake up now. Marriage is fun".

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