Louis Tomlinson Bags His Multi-Millionaire One Direction Boys Free Cabs For A Whole Year?

This just isn’t fair!

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They maybe be five of the richest twenty-somethings in the world but thanks to Louis Tomlinson, those cheeky One Direction boys have allegedly blagged free Addison Lee cabs for an entire year after the 22-year-old, who’s worth a cool £15 million, included London cabbie firm in a tweet.

The group have just unveiled the brand new video for their latest single ‘Midnight Memories’ the title track from their record breaking third studio album, which shows the band getting into the back of one of the leading firm’s London cabs.

 Louis Tomlinson blags One Direction free taxis for a whole year (WENN)

So if it wasn’t enough that kind powers that be were prepared to lend one of their vehicles for the new clip, the lads couldn’t resist trying their luck, blagging more goodies from the firm.

“Surely we get some kind of @AddisonLeeCabs gold card for the name drop haha !!??” Louis tweeted, and by some miracle it worked as the company have confirmed they are going to give all five members free taxi rides for a whole year.

Speaking to the Sun, a source revealed: “Addison Lee were delighted to be mentioned in the song. They even tried to see how many people you could actually fit in one of their cabs off the back of it.

One Direction given free taxis despite being multi-millionaires (Kento Nara/Future Image/WENN)

“So they were more than happy to give something in return. Thanks to Louis, they came up with the idea of giving them a year’s worth of free cab journeys."

“One Direction have used Add Lees since they were on the X Factor, and continued to use the company after they were signed," the source continued.

“They actually ended up using the same driver quite often, so they took him to Wembley one week to thank him for ferrying them around.

“Lots of the X Factor alumni are still customers of the cab company. They’ve been looking at coming up with a celebrity scheme like this for a while, so the boys ­actually catapulted them into action.”

So can we blag some free rides for an EntertainmentWise shout out? Nah -  we didn’t think so!

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