'I Became A Hermit': Matthew McConaughey Explains 40lbs Weight Loss For Dallas Buyers Club

Actor lost 40 pounds for his role in the movie

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Matthew McConaughey lost a huge 40 pounds for his role in Dallas Buyers Club and the actor has now spoken out about the weight loss, saying that he changed his whole lifestyle around for the part.

McConaughey is now looking much healthier, with the actor often being snapped going on jogs, but he says that when he was preparing for the role, people did say that he was getting a bit too thin.

“I didn’t know how much weight I needed to lose” the 44-year-old actor said to the New York Times about his role in the Oscar nominated movie. “I thought, probably 30, and I got to 30, and some people were like, ‘You’re a little thin.’ And I knew, ‘Well, this isn’t enough,’ because Ron Woodroof looked more than a little thin. And then I just kept going.”

“It actually changed my whole lifestyle. I became a hermit. I was becoming a scientist on Ron Woodroof,” Matthew went on to say.

“This is an anarchic character. Keep the businessman, you’ll get the crusader. Keep the son of a b*tch, you’ll get the humanity.”

 Matthew McConaughey lost a dramatic amount of weight for his role in Dallas Buyers Club (WENN)

The Hollywood star had previously said in a different interview recently that his wife Camilla Alves didn't find him attractive when he was skinnier.

"Perhaps it was not so appealing to be intimate when I was in that zone," the Golden Globe winner told The Sun newspaper.

He added: "It was tough, but what I lost physically down below, I gained up top.

"I felt incredibly clear-headed and purposeful, and on set there were no starvation dramas. I just wanted to get on with the job and tell this incredible story."

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