Ruben Studdard Loses 119 lbs. On Biggest Loser: 'This Was For My Life'

The singer is looking much slimmer now...

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Ruben Studdard lost 119 pounds during his time on The Biggest Loser, and says he’s gained back his health. The now-343 lb. singer, who started his journey on the reality show at 462 lbs., said that in addition to looking better, he’s also working to rid himself of Type II diabetes, which he discovered he had when he arrived at the Biggest Loser ranch in June of last year.

“I (did) this for me; this was for my life,” he told after the finale on Tuesday night. “It was something I could do for me, and nobody else. This show has given me a second chance to live the best life I can live.”

Ruben Studdard showcased his impressive weight loss. (Instagram/RealRubenStuddard)

Ruben, who in 2003 became the second person to be crowned the winner of American Idol, said that his weight loss has helped his singing career. He released his album, Unconditional Love, on the night of the Biggest Loser finale, and even sang his first single, ‘Meant to Be’ at the finale.

Ruben isn’t the only American Idol season two finalist doing big things: Clay Aiken, who finished in second place behind Ruben that season, just announced that he will run for Congress in his home state of North Carolina. Ruben commented on his pal’s political aspirations.

“Clay is very passionate about the things he believes in,” Ruben told The Hollywood Reporter. “If he wins the race, it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to his district. Not because of his celebrity but because of the things he cares about. It takes a special person to educate children with special needs and that’s what he did even before he was a celebrity.”


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