Malin Akerman Changes Tattoo To Honor Son Instead of Estranged Husband

The actress altered her ink this weekend...

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Malin Akerman may not be able to change the fact that her marriage to Roberto Zincone failed, but at least she can change the tattoo she got in his honor. The Trophy Wife actress decided to make a slight tweak to a “Z” tattoo she got for her husband, who filed for divorce from her only seven months after their son Sebastian Zincone was born.

While on vacation in Miami, the actress headed to a tattoo shop to add an “S” over her existing “Z” tattoo. The tattoo now represents her son’s initials rather than her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s last name. She posted a photo of her revised ink to her Instagram account, along with a caption thanking her tattoo artist, Jose Cordova.

Malin Akerman added an "S" to her existing "Z" tattoo so that it shows her son's initials. (Instagram/TheRealMalinAkerman)

Malin’s split from Roberto, who plays drums in the band the Pedalstones, has reportedly been friendly. The couple had been married since 2007.

"It's as amicable as can be, and they want to do what's best for their son," an insider told Us Weekly right before Roberto officially filed for divorce.

Malin Akerman is now a single mom to 10-month-old Sebastian. (WENN)

While Malin’s tattoo tribute to her husband turned out to be a bad idea, it apparently hasn’t deterred the actress from getting other ink tributes. While she was at the tattoo shop reinventing her “Z” tattoo, Malin and her friend Maranda got matching puzzle piece tattoos inked on their arms to honor their friendship. The 35 year-old single mom spent Valentine’s Day with her friend in Miami.