New Behind-The-Scenes Video Reveals Iggy Azalea's Naked GQ Spread With NBA Boyfriend Nick Young! (WATCH)

A behind-the-scenes video shows them during their steamy photo shoot...

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Iggy Azalea always manages to look sexy no matter what photo shoot she is doing, and this one is no different as she poses with her boyfriend NBA star Nick Young for a GQ spread.

In fact, a new behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot with GQ magazine shows that she actually enjoys doing a shoot with her boyfriend.

The spread includes her posing naked in a see-through bathtub as her boyfriend stands proudly beside her (not in the tub though). Another scene also has her showing off her curves as she wears a black leotard, with a see-through blouse on top.

In the video, the couple also opens up about their three-month relationship. What is most fascinating is that the two met simply because of a tweet.

Despite that, the two have become close incredibly fast. Iggy revealed what she loves about Nick.

“Nick is really witty, and I didn’t think before I met you that anyone could beat me at being quick-witted,” she revealed.

Nick, on the other hand, seemed to be distracted by her physical assets. He spoke about what he likes about her.

“My favorite part about Iggy would have to be the little mole that she has on her face. It’s just so nice, [and] her assets that she carries around,” he said point blank.

Iggy is also a fan of his behind as well. She stated that she likes his butt too.

“I like your butt too,” she said after his compliment.

The couple have been together for three months (Instagram)

So what does the couple do on their spare time? Well, apparently Nick likes to show off his skills at rapping.

“He tries to rap, and I tell him he’s not allowed. Imagine if I tried to start playing basketball,” Iggy jokes.

The two open up more about their relationship in the March 2014 issue of GQ magazine.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below:

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