Russell Crowe Tweets Pope Francis — ‘Noah Film Screening?’

Will the religious leader accept Russell’s offer?

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Russell Crowe reached out to Pope Francis via Twitter late Sunday night to ask the Catholic leader to see his and Darren Aronofsky’s film about the epic story of Noah.

He made sure to get through to both the pope’s English and Italian accounts.

“Dear Holy Father @Pontifex @Pontifex_it @DarrenAronofsky #Noah film. Screening? The message of the film is powerful, fascinating, resonant,” Russell tweeted.

Russell really wants Pope Francis to see his new film Noah. (Seskim/WENN)

The Biblical film has the religious community split on screening the movie due to liberties Darren took on his adaptation of the Old Testament story. However, Paramount Pictures said four out of five religious moviegoers are interested in seeing the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Included perhaps in that one-fifth: Pope Francis, but not just for Noah. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said the pope does not watch films, when asked if Francis would see the Oscar-nominated Philomena (a film critical of the Church’s previous handling of children born to single mothers).

Russell might have had better luck if a famous Italian director like Federico Fellinni had helmed the film.

Contrary to the Vatican’s statement, Pope Francis told an Italian interview last year that he enjoyed classic Italian films by directors like Fellinni, Roberto Rossellini and Luchino Visconti.

Pope Francis isn’t the first pontiff to get caught up in Hollywood’s religious film market.

In 2003, Pope John Paul II viewed Mel Gibson’s controversial Passion of the Christ and gave this positive review: “It is as it was.”

We will see if Pope Francis can give the same response to Noah when it premieres on March 28. If not, might we recommend Son of God, out this Friday.

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