Bruce Jenner Reportedly Confiding In BFF Lamar Odom About His Changing Appearance

Bruce still keeps in frequent contact with his stepdaughter's ex...

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Bruce Jenner has been criticized for sporting a noticeably more feminine look lately, and, according to reports, he’s found solace in an unlikely person: former son-in-law Lamar Odom! According to a source at, Bruce has kept in close contact with Khloe’s ex-husband and frequently opens up to Lamar about his new lifestyle.

“All he ever tells Lamar is ‘I’m going to do whatever the f**k it is I want to do with my body and nobody’s going to stop me. I’m having fun and enjoying my life, finally,’” a source told the site.

Bruce Jenner's new look includes longer hair and nails. (WENN)

Bruce and Lamar grew close during the basketball player’s four-year marriage to Khloe, and talk frequently now that Bruce has split from Khloe’s mother, Kris Jenner. One topic that reportedly comes up often is whether or not Bruce is really transitioning into a woman, as the tabloids have been speculating.

Over the past few months, Bruce has been seen sporting longer hair, manicured fingernails and a shaved-down Adam’s apple, courtesy of a recent surgery.

“They laugh about s**t like that,” the source told the site. “Bruce really doesn’t pay attention to what people say, especially the media.”

Bruce has yet to confirm or deny the rumors that he wants to become a woman. In December, he told TMZ that he was getting his Adam’s apple shaved down simply because he never liked his trachea. Severally of Bruce’s children have denied the transitioning rumors, however.


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