Jennifer Lawrence Planning Exotic Post-Oscars Holiday: Where Does She Want To Go?

Actress definitely deserves a break!

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Jennifer Lawrence has been super busy recently, so it's no surprise that she's ready for a holiday and that's exactly what the actress is planning, with her admitting on the Oscars red carpet that she can't wait to get away post-awards season.

It was recently revealed that J-Law would be taking a break from the acting world and it seems like she may be kicking it off somewhere exotic, as she spoke to E! News about where she was planning on going after the 86th Academy Awards.

"Definitely not Hawaii," the Silver Linings Playbook star said when asked where she wants to visit. She then continued to say, after she and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire filmed scenes in the country: "They got some pretty intense paparazzi out there."

However, she does want to visit Greece, saying: "I've never been to Greece, that's why I want to go."

Lawrence then said when told how beautiful the country is: "I'm going to go to Greece and sob my eyes out."

After her fall on the Oscars red carpet AGAIN this year, we're not surprised she wants to leave the country! However, Jen has been her usual down to earth self about the whole thing and has laughed it off, even saying that she hopes it's not seen as some kind of "gimmick."

Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning at The Oscars (Splash News)

Jen's recent movie American Hustle has been a huge success and the star, who is also currently filming the final two Hunger Games movies, said that she had to make a choice at the time between jetting somewhere on holiday and filming the flick.

"I had the choice between a vacation and this movie," she  told USA Today while promoting American Hustle. "I probably should have taken the vacation, but this was almost better. It was like creative epinephrine.

"That was one of the best creative times in my life. David [O. Russell] and I would be on the phone for hours, creating her together. She was my favorite being to be in between action and cut. That was the happiest I've been."

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