Steamy! Nicki Minaj Posts Topless Pics Of Her After Taking A Shower!

Wet and wild...

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Nicki Minaj has posted many revealing pictures of herself in the past, and despite this, she seems to still find creative ways to post new revealing pictures.This time they are fresh out of the shower!

The 31-year-old rapper took to her instagram to post not one, not two, but six pictures of herself wet and topless after a shower.

Nicki Minaj poses topless after a shower (Instagram)

Five of the pictures show her from an angle that is halfway between her back and side profile as she holds her breasts in her arms, while one shows her from the front with the camera just high enough to cover her naked chest.

Despite the photos looking more like a photo op, it seems like she was genuinely taking a shower, as she is make up-free in all the pictures and her hair is totally soaked with water.

She once again revealed her natural hair despite wearing wigs for most of her career.

It seems she wanted her pictures to do the talking because she did not put a caption with any of the photos.

Nicki Minaj is currently getting ready to release her third studio album titled The Pink Print.

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