'Frozen' Singer Idina Menzel Sees Career Boost Thanks To John Travolta Oscar Mistake

Disney's Frozen won two Oscars over the weekend

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Disney's film Frozen doesn't appear to be 'letting go' of the music charts after selling almost 1.5 million records, climbing its way onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart and even making the Top 20. All of this despite John Travolta epically messing up Let It Go singer, Idina Menzel's name at the Oscars on Sunday.

Mistakenly calling the beautiful Idina Menzel, Adele Dazeem was perhaps the most unforgettable moment of the 86th Academy Awards this year, giving Ellen DeGeneres' incredible celeb selfie a run for its money. The giant flub has even generated its own app, created by Slate magazine where you can translate your own name into Travolta 'speak'.

However, it doesn't look like any of this has had a negative impact on the success of the hit show tune as it continues to hold its own in the pop charts. Most excited by this news is probably Adele, we mean Idina, herself.

Idina at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday (WENN)

However, it sounds like the Glee actress, who performed the track, Let It Go at the Oscars over the weekend, is having trouble coming to grips with her sudden chart success.

“I’ve had a lot of self-introspection about this. This business is so hard, especially the music business, and I’ve tried so hard to cross over, to convince people just because I was in a Broadway show I didn’t have the street cred to be a rock or a pop singer,” Idina explained to the Associated Press.

“And then the one time I have it, it’s the arrangement from the Disney movie.”

Frozen won twice at the Academy Awards this year, snagging both Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for Let It Go. Although Idina didn't necessarily expect her big chart break to come via Disney, it looks like she is embracing it.

"I’ve had ups and downs and I’m aware of when something’s happening and has an energy of its own," she said.

“I’m aware enough to know of something special and to try and be in the moment."

It's not just the single, Let It Go, that's enjoying the spotlight. The Frozen soundtrack was so popular it spent five weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, beating the record held by the film Titanic.

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