Justin Bieber 'Left Mortified' After Blurred Penis Jail Footage Is Leaked Online?

Footage of Biebs peeing into a cup in jail is there for all the world to see

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Footage was released yesterday (March 6) of Justin Bieber peeing in a cup in jail after he was arrested in Miami in January and the singer has reportedly been left "mortified" over the whole thing as the clip does its rounds online.

According to sources, Biebs has been completely embarrassed by the footage that was leaked online, especially as he was upset enough over the arrest in the first place and doesn't need to constantly be reminded of the incident via photographs and videos that have since been been shared on the internet.

The insider told HollywoodLife: “Isn’t all that supposed to be private? He was mad as f**k everyone was putting him on blast, showing him in jail and in a bad state. He was mortified by all that,” they said, adding: “It’s bad enough he was arrested."

Justin shows off his numerous tattoos in recently released jail photos (Splash News)

They also added that Justin is "angry that police would show a personal video of him behind bars."

“He didn’t want any of the s**t to come to light, and when he went to his attorneys, they told him there was nothing that could be done,” the source continued. “He’s embarrassed by it all and more than that, he thinks it makes him look stupid. Oh well, s**t happens, he still has his fans and his dignity but man, they didn’t have to do him like that.”

Biebs flashes his abs in prison (Splash News)

Meanwhile, with Biebs and his bad behaviour continuing to hit headlines across the globe, it was recently revealed that during a deposition meeting this week, the singer stormed out of the room when he was asked about on/off GF Selena Gomez. Is everything getting a little too much for the 20-year-old?

The Baby singer answered questions regarding a lawsuit filed against his bodyguard by a photographer after an alleged assault last summer in the city.

The 20 year-old had to answer questions under oath fired at him by the opposition attorney and reportedly dramatically stormed out of the interview when his ex girlfriend Selena was brought up, TMZ claim.

The suit is being brought by photographer Jeffrey Binion following an altercation with Bieber's security guard in June 2013. According to a report by the website, Bieber was asked if Selena was present during any alleged altercations he's been reported to have been involved in over the last few years.

Justin allegedly stormed out of a deposition after being asked about on/off GF Selena Gomez (WENN)

The line of questioning was reportedly objected to by Bieber's lawyer, who was present, Howard Weitzman, claiming he was being "harassed".

After he was asked another question about Selena, Justin reportedly shouted: "Don't ask me about her, do not ask me about her," before storming out.

Can things get any worse for poor Biebs?

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