Justin Bieber Shares Sexy Dance With Selena Gomez Before Deleting It

The on-again couple set their moves to a John Legend ballad.

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reconnected in Texas over the weekend and the passion still rages fierce between the couple, especially on the dance floor.

Jelena spent a couple hours at Action Dance Studio in the city of McAllen on March 7 after enjoying a quiet breakfast together, according to TMZ.

Justin and Selena can't keep their hands off each other whenever they meet up (JustinBieber/Instagram)

Biebs released two short Instagram videos from their steamy session that showed him and Selena rehearsing an intimate dance set to John Legend’s Ordinary People.

Justin went shirtless while he let his black gym shorts sag down over his white boxers. He wore a black ballcap and black high-top sneakers. Selena wore a royal blue crop top and tight, grey drawstring pants with a pair of white Adidas kicks.

The Come and Get It appeared to lay a soft kiss on Justin's cheek before she unwrapped her legs from around his waist.

The lyrics to the John Legend love song match up surprising well with Justin and Selena’s own bumpy love story.

“Girl I’m in love with you/This ain’t the honeymoon/Past the infatuation phase/Right in the thick of love/At times we get sick of love/It seems we argue everyday,” the lyrics read.

The on-again, off-again couple are clearly in the “thick of love” right now, breaking up and making up multiple times since they made their relationship official back in March 2011.

The song goes on to say “I know I misbehaved/And you made your mistakes/And we both got room left to grow.”

Selena has admitted she wants to see Justin come out a better person after his legal misbehaving, and the young couple will have to choose whether growing together or growing apart is the best option.

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