Lena Dunham Attacks Sexism In Hollywood During SXSW Speech

The Girls creator insists her male co-stars are landing all the big parts

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Girls star Lena Dunham used her keynote speech at SXSW on Monday to hit out at sexism in Hollywood and the problems her female co-stars face with typecasting.

The actress and creator of hit HBO series Girls took to the podium at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas yesterday to address Hollywood big shots who she insists are overlooking her female co-stars for major movie roles.

Lena also talked at length about her colleague on Girls, Adam Driver, who is rumoured to have landed a coveted role as a villain in JJ Abram's hyped Star Wars: Episode VII.

Lena Dunham has taken aim at the Hollywood bigshots (WENN)

While she insists she's ecstatic for her friend, Dunham was keen to address what she perceives as a male bias in the industry: "It's a rough scene (women in entertainment)... I think about this in relation to the cast on my show, which consists of three very talented women and also some very talented guys", Lena told the SXSW crowd.

"Our male lead, Adam Driver, has had a bang-up year in movies which could not be more deserved because he's a ferocious genius with an incredible work ethic, and I've learned so much from him. But the girls are still waiting patiently for parts that are going to honour their intelligence and their ability."

Lena's Girls co-star Adam Driver is rumoured to be in talks for the new Star Wars movie (WENN)

She continued with a hint at Adam's Star Wars casting: "The world is ready to see Adam as a million different men - playing good guys and bad guys and sweet guys and scary guys. The world is ready to see Adam do all that. It's not ready to see Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet or Jemima Kirke stretch their legs in the same variety of diverse roles".

Lena went onto state that her female cast are "relegated" to roles such as "the All-American sweetheart" and "flighty nood-nicks". 

"It's a knock on a world where women are typecast and men can play villains, Lotharios and nerds in one calendar year and something has to change and I'm trying," the outspoken star concluded.

Lena has hit out at the lack of varied parts for her female colleagues on Girls (WENN)

Lena has always spoken her mind when it comes to women in the entertainment industry, telling EntertainmentWise earlier this year that she takes issue with others telling her what to do with her body:

"I'm a pretty live and let live person, as long as no-one is trying to force me to liposuction large pieces of my body it's fine.

"Celebrity culture as a whole, as I know in Hollywood, unfortunately does have a major issue with women's bodies and everyone has plastic surgery and dieting and it's just not a happy way to live."

Watch our chat with Lena in the video above.

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