Joan Collins Challenges Oscar Selfie At Prince's Trust Awards, But Prince Charles Won't Join In

The actress snapped herself, Dominic Cooper and Sir Ben Kingsley - but Prince Charles declined

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Joan Collins attempted the challenge the Twitter breaking Oscar selfie snapped by Ellen DeGeneres last night with her own celebrity-packed snap on the red carpet of the Prince's Trust Awards. And it could well have happened if Prince Charlies had joined in.

The legendary actress took a selfie of herself and celebrity friends at the Prince's Trust Awards last night, but was unable to pin down the Prince himself.

Collins, was a guest at the annual bash and orchestrated a group of celebrities to join in the selfie fun.

Joan Collins recreated Ellen DeGeneres's selfie at the Prince's Trust Awards last night (joancollinsobe/twitter)

Holding out her phone in front of her - just like Bradley Cooper did for Ellen - she snapped herself, Sir Ben Kingsley, Dominic Cooper, Pixie Lott, Vernon Kay, Jools Holland and Jeremy Irons.

She posted the photo to her Twitter page and wrote: "Selfie" support @PrincesTrust thx 2 @benkingsley @jeremyirons @pixielott @dominicwest @lukeevans @vernonkayR1."

After taking the snap, onlookers said the gang gave themselves a round of applause as Joan said: "We got it. If they can do it at the Oscars, we can do it here."

But sadly, the one famous face she wanted in the picture, Prince Charles himself, declined her invitation to join in.

Comedienne and chat show host DeGeneres sent Twitter into a viral meltdown after she took a selfie at the Oscars which included Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Robert, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong'o, Channing Tatum, Kevin Spacey and Meryl Streep.

She then posted it on the site and broke records as over 3.2 million people retweeted it.

Unfortuntely for Joan, if she was trying to compete with Ellen, she only managed a few hundred retweets of her celebrity selfie.

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