Lorde Adds Ellie Goulding To A-List Friendship Group With Playful Kissing Photos

'Royals' singer already boasts Taylor Swift as a BFF

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She's already tight with Taylor Swift, and now Lorde has added Ellie Goulding to her list of celebrity buds.

The pair both played shows in New York on Wednesday night (March 12) and soaked up each-other's company afterwards for a couple of quick snaps.

The 'Royals' chart-topper shared an image of Brit Ellie kissing her cheek, along with the caption: "post show w this lil darlin (sic)".

Lorde and Ellie Goulding (Photo: Instagram)

The 'Explosions' singer returned the favour; sharing on her own page a picture of Lorde kissing her cheek with a simple diamond emoji as the caption.

When Lorde first burst onto the scene she rubbed a few celebs up the wrong way with her comments on their music - Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey and Selena Gomez, to name three - but she seems to be on a slightly friendlier spree of late; befriending Swift and Goulding, and shutting down Australian DJ Kyle Sandlilands during an awkward interview earlier this month.

Ellie also shared a snap with the teen sensation (Photo: Instagram)

The New Zealand native was praised for the way she responded to the shock-jock's bizarrely-worded questions about her friendship with Swift, after he said: "I see you guys’ pictures everywhere. Are you guys, uh, are you together now?"

After a pause, he added: “Not together as in lesbians: I’m not talking about ‘Ellen together'."

Lorde snapped back: "What do you mean you’re not talking about ‘Ellen together’? Is there something wrong with lesbians?"

Sandilands, who was previously axed from Australian Idol, added: "Oh my god no, I would love that! I would totally love that! Are you going to confirm now you’re in a lesbian relationship with her, with her, with her?”

“Don’t even try it. Not working,” Lorde replied.

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