Kim Kardashian Compared To North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un On Massive Billboard

MailOnline posted comparison in Los Angeles

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They're the two most famous Kim's on the planet but we have a feeling Kim Kardashian is going to be less than impressed about being compared to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un on a huge new billboard that's popped up in Los Angeles for the MailOnline.

The two Kim's appear alongside each other on the giant billboard advertising the British website on Sunset strip in Hollywood, with the tagline "they're on the same page".

Hey Kims, check out ur latest billboard (SplashNews)

Now commuters get to stare at the double Kim pic every time they hit the strip.

It's not the first time the two infamous Kims have been compared as MailOnline even compared the two back in December when they went skiing on separate occasions.

The two Kims in all their clapping glory (SplashNews)

Now we know the Kardashians don't know the meaning of over exposed but we imagine Kim, Kardashian not Jong-Un, isn't going to be happy about being associated with the controversial leader.

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