Kate Winslet: Leonardo DiCaprio Is 'The Love Of My Life'

The pair have been close friends since they starred in Titanic in 1997

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She has been married three times but Kate Winslet has revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio is the love of her life.

Kate, 38, first met the actor in 1997 when they starred together as doomed lovers Rose and Jack in Titanic and were reunited on screen for Revolutionary Road in 2008.

But while her third hubby Ned Rocknroll needn't worry that there has never been any romance between them, Kate said Leo will always have a special place in her heart.

Kate Winslet has said Leonardo DiCaprio is the love of her life! (WENN)

The actress was speaking to PopSugar to promote her new movie Divergent and was asked if she preferred the movie's leading man Theo James's character Four over Leo's Jack.

She laughed and said: "Leo is my love of my life, how could you possibly even ask me that question!

"If I said Theo over Leo, he would never let me stay the night at his house ever again. And we can't have that because that's where I stay."

Kate is currently starring in Divergent, the first in a trilogy of films based on the books by author Veronica Roth.

The movie is set in a dystopian future and set in the US city of Chicago, people are divided into five factions based on their personalities.

When children come of age, they get to choose which faction they feel they belong in, and the film centres on Beatrice 'Tris" Foster - played by The Descendants star Shailene Woodley - and her choice.

And Roth praised Kate for doing her own stunts in the film, even though she was pregnant with son Bear Blaze at the time!

Speaking to People at the film's LA premiere on Tuesday, she said: "It's pretty funny because she was pregnant when we were shooting, but she wanted to do her own stunt falls.

"She did a couple. She's you know, very careful about it, and then finally [director] Neil Burger was like, 'Okay I'm too nervous – you can't do this anymore'."

Kate and Leo formed a close bond when they starred in Titanic in 1997 (20th Century Fox)

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