'This May Be One Of The Hardest Things I Have Had To Do': Vin Diesel Pays Tribute To Paul Walker As Fast & Furious 7 Restarts

The actor posted another tribute to his late co-star on Facebook

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Vin Diesel has paid tribute to his friend and co-star Paul Walker in another heartfelt Facebook post as he prepares to head back to work for Fast & Furious 7.

The action star lost his close friend when Walker died in a car crash last November, while the Fast & Furious team were on a Thanksgiving break from shooting the new movie.

The production was immediately halted following the tragic accident, but Vin Diesel and the cast and crew are due to head back to work this week to complete the film without their leading man.

As he prepares to return to set, Vin Diesel has paid tribute to his friend with a photo of the actor and his own twin brother on his Facebook page, alongside a post entitled "The Two Pauls".

The image posted by Vin Diesel on his Facebook page shows the late Paul Walker and Vin's twin brother, also called Paul (Facebook/Vin Diesel)

"Pablo and my mother would have deep conversations... she claimed, that it was no accident that this on-screen duo has come to define brotherhood in Our millennium", Vin Diesel writes. "You see... the other guy in the photo is also named Paul... and although they look more alike, he is actually my twin brother."

The actor ends his post by thanking fans for their support over the past few months: "P.s. Grateful to have Our page as a sanctuary, it has helped in these past few months more than you know... and God knows we will need all of you to complete this intense experience called SEVEN.

"Though this may be one of the hardest things I have had to do in my career, I can't help but to think... that it will also be the most significant".

Paul Walker starred in the Fast & Furious franchise with his close friend Vin Diesel (WENN)

It was claimed over the weekend that producers on Fast & Furious 7 have found a way to keep Paul, who had nearly completed his scenes, in the final cut of the movie. "They have hired four actors with bodies very similar to Paul’s physique and they will be used for movement and as a base,” a source close to production told New York Daily News. “Paul’s face and voice will be used on top using CGI.”

Universal Pictures confirmed Paul’s presence in the film back in December, but didn’t detail at the time how it would keep the star in the picture.

“Continuing the global exploits in the franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lead the returning cast of ‘Fast & Furious 7,’ which will be released by Universal Pictures on April 10, 2015,” the studio had said in a statement.

The special effects keeping the action star in the film was option number one for Universal and the producers, which include Vin Diesel, according to the source.

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