'Utterly Shameful': Piers Morgan Calls Out Jeremy Clarkson Over Aeroplane Joke As Latest News Of Missing Malaysian Flight Is Revealed

Jeremy then set about telling Piers to 'shut up'

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A Twitter spat between Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson ensued earlier today after the CNN host called the Top Gear frontman out for making a joke about the oxygen masks falling above his head on a flight.

Posting a picture of the oxygen masks, Clarkson added the caption: "The oxygen masks have deployed. Goodbye everyone."

Jeremy Clarkson's comment didn't go down too well with Piers Morgan (WENN)

Believing that the joke was insensitive given the latest reports that the missing Malaysian flight did crash into the Southern Indian ocean after weeks of mystery and heartbreak of the families of the missing passengers, Morgan responded with:

"Utterly shameful" before pointing to a retweet of Clarkson's earlier tweet.

However, the Top Gear presenter was not going to ignore Morgan's comment and set about declaring:

"If you don't shut up, I shall start to reveal details of your past life that would make you VERY unhappy."

But Piers Morgan wasn't the only one to point out the timing of Clarkson's tweet as one fan commented: "@JeremyClarkson Doesn't seem appropriate. Given the latest news on MH370 #thinkb4atweet."

Piers Morgan wasn't left impressed with Jeremy Clarkson's comment (WENN)

Hitting back at the comment, Jeremy who isn't one to stay quiet posted on the social networking site: "Right. And how was I supposed to know about the Malaysian flight while on an aeroplane? Use your loaf."

Having got flack for his comment, the 53 year-old then mused: "Oh well. At least BOAC's wonky 707 has given the Mail a stick to beat me with tomorrow."