Jamie Dornan Teases 'Mind Blowingly Brilliant' New Series Of The Fall

The actor returns as Paul Spector but not before his new drama New Worlds premiere

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Jamie Dornan is having a very busy year. Fresh from wrapping Fifty Shades of Grey, the actor is back on home turf in Belfast to shoot series two of his hit BBC drama The Fall, while his brand new show New Worlds receives its Channel 4 premiere next week.

The 31-year-old may have scored his first major film role playing Mr Grey in Sam Taylor Johnson's Fifty Shades, but he got his acting break in television. After leaving his fan favourite role on Once Upon a Time, the Northern Irish hunk found huge success with The Fall, BBC 2's highest viewed drama in years.

Jamie is back playing smouldering serial killer Paul Spector opposite Gillian Anderson's icy cool investigator for another series of the drama, which started shooting in his home city this month.

Jamie plays outlaw Abe Gough in Channel 4's New Worlds (YouTube)

In between shooting, Jamie has been doing the promo rounds for New Worlds, a Restoration period drama which kicks off on Channel 4 next week. Talking to TV Choice, the actor is the first to admit that the role of bearded outlaw Abe Gough is very different to Spector.

"The thing you want most as an actor is diversity of characters, but you don’t have a great deal of choice. This is something they wanted me for and I wanted to do it but it doesn’t always work like that, I got lucky", he admits.

There were some downsides to playing an all action role though, with Jamie confessing that an old skiing injury gave him some problems on set last summer. "He has to run a lot and is pretty active, which I’m OK with, but I’ve got a dodgy shoulder. I’ve had two surgeries since The Fall finished, so luckily there isn’t too much physical fighting. If you’re a boy and you get to run around in the woods with other boys chasing things with guns, it’s kind of the dream".

Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson star in The Fall (BBC)

It didn't help that Jamie worked through the pain during filming for The Fall series one: "I was skiing a few years back and I did something stupid. In The Fall they hid it well and we shot around it but I couldn’t lift my left arm up above a certain point and I was on a lot of painkillers.

"When we finished and I realised how bloody sore it was, I decided to get it fixed so I’ve had two surgeries since and it’s still not quite right".

Although Jamie admits he was "surprised" by the huge success of The Fall he says "there was always a plan" for series two, and according to the star it's going to be better than ever. "We talked about ideas but it was very satisfying to be recommissioned. I’ve read a breakdown for series two and it’s mind-blowingly brilliant," he teases.

New Worlds starts on Channel 4 on April 1.