Katy Perry: Riff Raff The Rapper Dated John Mayer's Ex But He's Still Grabbing Butts

The grill wearing, Texan rapper hung out with Katy last week

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Looks like Katy Perry is going in a very different direction for her next boyfriend! Following her recent break up from John Mayer the Dark Horse beauty enjoyed a date night with Texan rapper Riff Raff in Miami and the 32 year-old has been telling all about their night and that it might be the start of a beautiful friendship.

The Roar star is known to like a bit of rough, think Russell Brand and Travis McCoy, and looks like Riff Raff, real name Horst Christian Simco, first that bill perfectly. Perry posted a snap of the two together in Miami last week and when TMZ caught up with him he revealed things went pretty well with the pop siren.

"We went on a date it was fun," he revealed, "It was Skillrex's party so we went out and had some sushi, went bowling and then had a few drinks or whatever, just chilled,"

"You know the average date situation,"

Riff Raff posted this snap last Wednesday (JodyHighroller/Instagram)

For the entire interview Riff leaned against a car while cuddling a bikini clad brunette, who he told the camera couldn't speak English. So that's probably why she didn't seem too bothered about him spilling all about his date with Katy.

When asked if things were going to move on between the pair, he joked that he didn't know "where things might go," between them.

Could Katy become Mrs Riff Raff? (SplashNews)

"I think she's in Belgium right now, so when she gets back, next week," he said of date two.

FYI: We're not sure she's actually in Belgium, Katy was actually photographed at her home in Los Angeles earlier this week.

He even teased a duet between them "We've got a song on the way, maybe an album," he added, while slapping his friend's butt.

Watch the whole thing, it's pretty funny:

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