Game Of Thrones' Rory McCann Admits He Used 'The Hound' When The Cast Got Stopped By The Police

The cast were enjoying a good night out in Iceland

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Being such a well known character has its uses as Game Of Thrones star Rory McCann found out when he got into the character of The Hound when the police stopped him and the cast of the hit fantasy drama during a night out in Iceland.

Having spent time filming in Iceland, Rory recalled the time when the cast went out and got a tad drunk to mark their last night there. But as they drove home, they were pulled over by the police. Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, the Scottish actor remembered:

"So that night, Maisie [Williams] was there, it was our last night in Iceland, it was my one night out...and we got stopped by the police. [Laughs] We were all in a van, we had a designated driver, and we were all drunk — but for Maisie, of course — and singing.

"The police stopped us, he had his hand on the holster, and the driver went "It's the cast of Game of Thrones." "Oh yeah? Open up." I had the nearest seat. I've obviously had a few drinks, and I'm very excited. He looks at me, and I go [booming voice] "Hello! I'm the Hound!" And he looks and says "...Hello, Hound! You enjoy Iceland?"

Rory is known to GoT fans as The Hound (WENN)

Using his knowledge of the local language, Rory went on to say: "I said a few things in Icelandic, and he's like "F**k yeah! Well, you have a good time!" And we went on singing. [Laughs]"

The actor also joked about how long it takes him to get into character on set. Admitting that he's one of the first of the cast members to arrive, Rory said:

"The reality is, I'm the first guy on set because of this f***ing make-up. So I'm getting done for three hours, then I'm getting my breakfast, and I've been up for six hours before there's even a suggestion of getting on set.

"I end up this big f***ing grumpy bastard most of the time. "Kill that guy? Sure." [Laughs] It's very easy to be the Hound."

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