Piers Morgan Tells Katherine Heigl To 'Get Over Yourself' After Actress Sues Duane Reade For $6 Million

Piers slams the lawsuit as 'ridiculous'

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Piers Morgan has hit out at actress Katherine Heigl after it was announced today that the star is suing a major drug store chain for using a paparazzi photo of her to promote its business.

Katherine has filed a lawsuit against Duane Reade after the chain tweeted a photo of her leaving one of their Manhattan stores with two of the pharmacy's shopping bags.

The US company posted the paparazzi shot in March with a caption to advertise their business:

“Love a quick #DuaneReade run? Even @KatieHeigl can’t resist shopping #NYC’s favorite drugstore,” the company tweeted on its official account.

The lawsuit from Heigl and her team states that “the company is exploiting the actress’ image for commercial gain despite her objection”, according to Entertainment Weekly, with the star demanding $6 million.

Katherine Heigl has launched a $6 million lawsuit (WENN)

The complaint also states that Heigl intends to donate all proceeds from the lawsuit to The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, which was established in 2008 after her brother Jason was killed in a car accident.

As the case has hit the headlines, outspoken broadcaster Piers Morgan has slammed Heigl, insisting the lawsuit is "ridiculous".

"One of the most ridiculous lawsuits in showbusiness history. Get over yourself Ms Heigl", Piers posted on his Twitter account on Thursday before adding a personal message for Duane Reade.

"Hi @DuaneReade - unlike @KatieHeigl , I am very happy to be photographed coming out of your excellent stores. And feel free to tweet it."

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