Outkast Fans Outraged After Comeback Coachella Festival Performance Cut Short

The hip-hop duo reunited on stage for the first time in nearly 10 years

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Outkast fans were disappointed on Friday night when the hip-hop group’s long-awaited Coachella Music Festival performance was abruptly cut short after a string of technical issues.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi headlined day one of the annual music festival in Indio, California last night, marking the rap group’s first performance together after taking a hiatus for almost 10 years and while their performance received rave reviews, it didn’t exactly have the ending fans were hoping for.

Outkast headlined the first day of Coachella last night (Coachella/Twitter)

The ‘Hey Ya!’ hitmakers were close to wrapping up their set at around 1am when Andre 3000’s microphone was cut off meaning they were unable to bring out Killer Mike for an epic finale with ‘The Whole World.’

In footage posted on Instagram by Rap-Up, Andre 3000 can be heard telling the audience: “I know it’s kinda weird but thank you for coming out. You know, 20 years later and s**t but thank you for coming out.”

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune also reported: “The group was able to thank the fans despite the sound being cut for Mike’s performance because their microphones were turned back on.

“The crowd started booing when the microphones were cut off and continued to boo after they came back on.”

Fans took to Twitter to express their outrage over the technical issues which plagued Outkast’s headline set, with @KirstenNadia writing: “Can they give him a real microphone damn #coachellalive #Outkast.”

@dageneralpatton said: “That is the 2nd time that Andre asked the Sound Technician to turn up his damn microphone. F**K! #OutKast #Coachella,” while @fearless_genius added: “WOOOOOW @coachella cut @Outkast off before they were finished with their set!! so lame.”

Kicking off at 11:30pm on the main stage, Outkast’s set saw the duo joined by rapper Future and singer Janelle Monae while they ran through most of their classic hits including ‘Ms Jackson,’ ‘Hey Ya!,’ ‘So Fresh, So Clean’ and ‘The Way You Move.’

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