Lena Headey Is Unapologetic About Revealing Game Of Thrones Spoilers

The actress explained the truth behind that Lady Stoneheart tease

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Game of Thrones season four is officially over, but thanks to Lena Headey's Twitter and Instagram activity, fans might get an insight into season five before it hits screens next year. The actress, who plays Cersei in the smash hit show, has a habit of posting spoilers online, something she refuses to apologise for.

The Brit star made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, the day after the series finale aired in the US.

Talk soon turned to Lena's Twitter activity. The actress has previously confessed to drunk tweeting, and it sounds like those spoiler posts might have something to do with a tipple or two.

Lena Headey seemed to hint at her unapologetic attitude as she headed to the Jimmy Kimmel studio (WENN)

During last night's interview Kimmel held up a printout of one of Lena’s Instagram posts of herself with her thumbs pressed up against the eyes of the Pedro Pascal, who played the now deceased Oberyn Martell.

As Jimmy pointed out, the photo was very similiar to how Oberyn actually ended up dying in that epic fight with The Mountain. When Kimmel asked Lena if she had to get clearance to post ther snap, Lena defiantly replied: "No".

Spoiler alert? Lena posted this Instagram photo two months ago (Instagram)

And she insisted those who worked on the show weren't upset by the possible spoiler either. “They haven’t said so. Maybe, I’ll die this year," she joked.

Then Jimmy got to the bottom of that Instagram photo from Lena which showed some rocks arranged into a heart shape with the caption "my stone heart."

Did Lena hint at a future storyline with this photo? (Instagram)

Kimmel said: “I saw this that you posted on your Instagram also, which everyone thought was a reference to a character from the books. And everyone thought that since you did the last one, this meant Lady Stoneheart was going to be a part of the show. And then that didn’t happen.”

Lena had a simple explanation though. “No, that was me drunk in Palm Springs going this is so pretty,” she replied.

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