Adele, Prince, Oasis and Other Singers Who Snubbed A Glastonbury Festival Headline Slot

You'll be surprised to find out who!

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Glastonbury is the biggest festival in Europe with hundreds of thousands flocking to Somerset's Worthy Farm each summer for a week of festivities and great music, which has in the past seen the likes of The Rolling Stones, Beyonce and Coldplay headline. But despite it's legendary status, you may be surprised to learn that a number of high-profile musicians have actually turned down the chance to perform at the event.

This week, it was revealed that Prince ended negotiations to headline this year's festival – which will now see Kasabian, Arcade Fire and Metallica on the Pyramid Stage – as he was “really upset” by the speculation about his appearance on social media.

Prince wasn't impressed with the social media attention surrounding his Glastonbury festival (Packshot)

In an interview with The Guardian, Glasto organiser Michael Eavis said: “We wanted him to play, and it got to the point where his people were talking to us about him doing it, but before he confirmed he got really upset because he thought we had advertised that he was playing.

“We hadn't, but with social media, rumours get everywhere, and one of those rumours was that Prince was coming. So he didn't want to do it in the end.”

Prince isn't the only artist who has snubbed the epic festival though as the following musicians have also given the same response over the years...

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At the height of her fame in 2012 following the release of her best-selling album '21' and number one singles 'Someone Like You' and 'Rolling In The Deep,' it was widely speculated that Adele would be added to the Glastonbury festival line-up.

However, Michael Eavis made the surprising revelation that as much as they would have loved her to perform, Adele refused as she is frightened of performing to large crowds.

“She knows that we want her anyway, but she doesn't want to do a thing our size,” Eavis told The Metro at the time.

“Going on the Pyramid Stage is a bit daunting in front of 80,000 people; it's a bit much really.”



Yes, the 'Wonderwall' hitmakers did already headline the festival in 1995 AND 2004, but it seems their love affair with Glasto is well and truly over with Noel Gallagher stating to the BBC in 2008: “I wouldn't go back to Glastonbury. Why is R Kelly playing there or something?

“No seriously, this is where it's going to be at next summer but we said the last time we did Glastonbury that we've never really pulled it off.”

Rumours only mounted again this year when Liam Gallagher hinted at an Oasis reunion on Twitter, but it was quickly refuted by organiser Emily Eavis who confirmed they aren't performing.



In 2013, the British singer made it clear that he has no desire to perform at the festival despite being offered “a lot of money.”

“I got offered a lot of money to play there and I turned it down because it doesn't have any meaning. All of the political sides of it seem to have been whitewashed and airbrushed over,” Hawley told Gigwise.

“It's not just Glastonbury. I don't like the whole corporate festival thing...It's just nasty and not what I'm about – I want something a bit more free and organic. I want the audiences to feel included rather than trapped. They've paid for the privilege to be trapped in a field and marketed to. What the f**k is that all about?”

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The band performed at the festival in 1994 and headlined in 1997 and 2003, but in 2008, guitarist Ed O'Brien explained why they had turned down another chance to grace the Pyramid Stage when asked back.

“We could have slotted it in. But we didn't want to,” Ed told the Daily Record.

“Thom's spoken to Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis. The reason we didn't do it was because we did it on Hail To the Thief tour. We felt it wasn't appropriate to do it this year because we didn't want to be the Glastonbury house band. It's such a special gig, it's almost like you have to wait your turn.”

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After performing in 2005, the US rock band headlined in 2007 but it seems that may be the first and last time we'll be seeing them on the Pyramid Stage as frontman Brandon Flowers told NME at the time: “This will probably be the last time we play here. You only get one real shot at it and this is ours. If we ever come back, we'll be The Who's age.”

The 'Mr. Brightside' hitmakers had turned down the chance to headline two years before their headline slot, in 2005.



This year, heavy metal rockers Iron Maiden boldly stated that they will never headline Glasto, despite Metallica breaking down barriers for the metal genre with their slot on the Pyramid Stage on this year's line-up.

Bruce Dickinson told the Daily Star: “Personally I have no interest in going to Glastonbury. In the days when Glasto was an alternative festival it was quite interesting.

“Now it’s the most bourgeois thing on the planet. Anywhere Gwyneth Paltrow goes and you can live in an air-conditioned yurt is not for me.”

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