The Best & Worst Movies Based On TV Sitcoms: How Will Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie Fare?

Brendan O'Carroll's character hits the big screen this month

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This weekend, the phenomenally popular BBC sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys makes its way to cinemas for its first feature effort.

Brendan O'Carroll's brilliant character takes to the big screen in Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, and the hit show is far from the first to have a go at movie success.

O'Carroll as Mrs Brown (Still)

While making the transition from the small screen to the silver screen, some shows have soared, but others have struggled to find their footing and completely flopped. Which category will Mrs Brown fall into?

Scroll through the gallery below to check out past examples of films based on your favourite telly sitcoms.


THE INBETWEENERS: The hit E4 comedy was a huge box office hit when released as The Inbetweeners Movie in the summer of 2011. It's unbelievable success has paved the way for a new sequel, due out this summer.