Kevin Bacon Teases ‘More Open’ Ryan Hardy In The Following Season 3

Joe Carroll died in alternate ending to season two.

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Ryan Hardy’s heart continues to open up on this season of The Following and he’s experience a little more domesticity in his life a year after season two’s ending.

Star Kevin Bacon teased his character in a more open place in his life starting season three and more open to relationships. One of those relationships is to a doctor named Gwen.

Kevin's Ryan Hardy is looking to settle down in season three. (Kyle Blair/WENN)

“What we know so far is that they're happy together. She is a doctor and we're living together and she has a daughter, so I'm actually trying to experience some domesticity,” Kevin told fans at the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel.

“Along with this inner struggle to pull myself together, I'm also taking on a pretty giant adjustment, being kinda a dad.”

Kevin acknowledged the choice of Ryan to not kill Joe Carroll last season, instead having him arrested. He thought the choice “interesting and powerful” and called it “a progression of this man.”

Joe almost bit the bullet in an alternate ending shown at the beginning of the panel. Mark fired the shot from inside the car that the mysterious man picked him up in.

That mystery man is someone never before seen on the show, creator Kevin Williamson told the audience. The character wasn’t meant as a cliffhanger, and executive producer Marcos Siega “didn’t expect it to be the thing.”

Season three will go back to the show’s “psychological mystery” formula and introduced a “bigger, badder more complicated villain,” according to showrunner Jessica Johnson.

“It's going to be a little bit more Hitchcockian, so it's going to be a little bit more what you don't show,” Jennifer said.

The Following will return in 2015 on Fox.