Are Beyonce Knowles And Jay-Z Headed For Splitsville?

She needs more apparantly...

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It has been reported that Beyonce Knowles and her man Jay-Z are no more�or almost.

It has transpired that Beyonce is sick and tired of Jay-Z�s obsession with basketball and work and wants a man who puts her first.

An insider told "[Beyonce] wants a man, who supports her, loves her, stand by her side. B is sick of him possessively trying to keep things private. She doesn't feel enough affection or love from him."

Another source claimed: "Jay is obsessed with keeping basketball game scores�Beyonce is looking to the future. Her sister Solange already has a baby. Her own parents have an amazing, fulfilling relationship and she not only wants a steady career, she wants to have tight family circle around her as well".

"Beyonce realized that two of them just might be incompatible and their relationship is really a lie they both were trying to believe in. Beyonce simply feels empty. She wants to spend this important Dreamgirls year for her with someone who understands her and relates to her a lot more. "

The couple were seen performing together recently at the Radio City Music Hall which certainly questions the above report, what do you think?
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Is This the end for Beyonce and Jay-Z?

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