Sir Richard Branson Features In 'Superman Returns'

Flying a spaceship...

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Sir Richard Branson Features In 'Superman Returns'
Sir Richard Branson will not only be appearing in new Bond film �Casino Royale�, he and his son also have cameo roles in �Superman Returns�.

In the new Superman� film, Branson and his son, 19 year old Sam are seen piloting a space shuttle after being invited by producers to take part.

Branson said: "The producer of Superman has bought a Virgin Galactic ticket to go to space and is completely captivated by Virgin Galactic and the whole idea of space travel. And as part of that he thought, rather than using a Nasa spaceship. that the new space travel was going to be Virgin Galactic,"

"He chose to use a Virgin Galactic spaceship in the Superman film and he asked us, myself and Sam, if we'd like to pilot the ship so we went to Sydney and we were in a simulator spaceship going into space.

"It was fantastic for me as a dad to look to my left and there's my 19-year-old son piloting a spaceship, and also to know that in a couple of years' time we actually will be going into space together.

"But it was just a tiny little spot and you most likely won't even notice that we're there, but it was a fun little thing.�

Oh to be a millionaire entrepreneur�
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